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Sydneysider Tip #2: watch out for swooping birds (and bats)

TIP FROM: Kathy Sinclair of the NSW Department of Environment & Heritage Magpies often see Sydneysiders as potential predators with designs on their chicks, so maybe it really is time to watch – ya back. Following in the footsteps of … Continue reading

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Sydneysider Tip #1: wear Indian clothes

TIP FROM: Harry Renwick 3pm Oxford Street Wear Indian clothes - stop fantasising, just do it. Very suitable for our climate. And if people give you weird stares, would it be the first time? Clearly, it was a first for Nichole and … Continue reading

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Sydney Designers and Humidity

How do Sydney designers cope with Sydney’s humidity?   ALEX PERRY: Suck it up. Yes, Sydney is humid, but at the end of the day, you just have to get over it. I like to make people look expensive. Thinspiration, … Continue reading

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Woolworths – get trolleyed

EXCITING STORE INNOVATIONS IN 2012 ‘We’re sooo fresh!’ Do you perceive yourself as ‘innovative’? We do too, high-five! Because we are the Fresh Food People. Fresh People, with food. At Woolworths, we’ve always been about innovation; we were the first … Continue reading

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Coles: A History

[please note: erm, fine line between fact and fiction] Notice the globe in the old logo? Coles, like most evil things, began in Tasmania in 1910. Josef Coles was the son of a poor shopkeeper. As there was only one … Continue reading

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Underground Cinema

[Photos courtesy of Vladimir Kravchenko] ‘THE FRISK SEARCH WENT TERRIBLY WRONG’ An evening event always gets me feeling a bit rambunctious. But let’s face scientific facts – cinema just doesn’t have the dressing up or excitement that it did back in the old … Continue reading

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‘I’m sorry …’

Has anyone heard that song by Paris Hilton ‘Sorry, it was just a drunk text’ ? Well look, there is a reason why I haven’t made many posts recently on … but it is not because I’ve been busy drunk … Continue reading

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Wynyard, Town Hall & Central bringing sexy back?

~ St. Pancras Station, London ~ Wuhan Railway Station, China Train stations around the world are getting made over and are looking stunning. So why is CityRail being such a fat slob? Gladys, is there a schedule for Wynyard, Town … Continue reading

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Lara Bingle: an untapped resource

Lara Bingers must be a national treasure: Tourism Australia chose her to be the face of our bloody nation, surely that has to count for something? (?) But like many of our national goodies, Bingle is being managed ineffectively. Compared … Continue reading

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Sydneysider Vladimir in many ways reminds me of my asian dad – needless to say, he is a photographer. He has a keen eye (keen as a blackbird among twenty snowy mountains) for any photo opportunity. The good news is that, … Continue reading

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