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Monk-y Business

‘It’s all just monk-y business.’ That’s what one of the guys from the Monastery of Saint Benedict told me over the phone.  I tried to read a bit about the many Sydneysiders that lead a Catholic monastic life, but the different … Continue reading

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Jews in Sydney

There’s a strange relationship between the general and the 45,000 Jewish Sydneysiders. On the one hand, people revere the Jewish generation that survived the Holocaust and the contribution of Jews to many facets of Sydney. But on the other hand there … Continue reading

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Sydney’s Islam

Islam in Sydney is often presented as the religion with political baggage. But I’d rather talk about Islam as the religion that comes with a delicious platter of food and tea … even if there are other benefits. Now, where was I? Whenever Islam is brought … Continue reading

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Orthodox Christians: Can you keep up?

What would Sydney be without its Orthodox Christians? The spiritual scene would be far more boring. Aside from the Orthodox Christians’ massive religious contribution, we’d lose the churches, which are stunning and sometimes with onion domes (the onion can be such an Orthodox calling … Continue reading

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