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Pad Thai, Sydney loves you

When did Pad Thai become part of the Sydney diet?  It is the staple food of young people, like bread would have been in 18th century France. What would happen if the price of Pad Thai tripled? Would there be an uproar (or would … Continue reading

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Why are university lectures so boring?

Why are university lectures so boring? The first lecture is boring, the second lecture is boring, so I assume that all lectures in all courses in Sydney are boring. Maybe it’s not logical. But is it logical to keep going? Lectures can be interesting; haha LOL jks, no … Continue reading

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Strip Club Semantics: Kings Cross

Kings Cross has always had a dirty reputation. When I was a kid (sounding old now, but I’m young), it was like a forbidden fruit in a fruitbowl of city. But forbidden went out the window (adolescence) and Kings Cross … Continue reading

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SBS Parody

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Loving the Pedal Action: Peda Pods

Who would have thought that we’d be pedalling into the 21st century? It seems that Sydney can’t get enough pedal action recently. It’s even become glamorous, thanks to the Dutch in general, raunchy German cinema (Mädchen Mädchen) and a few keen … Continue reading

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The forgotten hats of Saint Patrick’s Day

I don’t want to hear any more of your lies. What happened to those promises you made me, when I was young and dumb (and not so streetwise)? That you were going to look after me? Dinner, followed by a gentle push … Continue reading

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Sydneysider: John Harris

A good surgeon: what’s not to like? After a decade of work for the Royal Navy in East Indian Waters, John Harris became surgeon for the military forces of New South Wales. The year was 1803, and life in Sydney … Continue reading

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Kristina Kineally, Barry O’Farrell and the quest for Sydney’s mojo

Barry O’Farrell & Kristina Kineally, Channel 7 debate, 14th of March. Lovely quarrelling. In Martin Place, bitterness (not love) was in the air. But I wish Kristina would call Barry ‘Bazza’ (even tauntingly), at least once. Question [from audience]: “How can the … Continue reading

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Diet Coke: reckless advertising

Diet Coke - now the drink of choice for: > Dumbos (distinct from ‘Dumbo’, our beloved elephant); > Fashionable aryans (if this is the master race, it is doomed); Will drinkers suddenly be overcome by this “get ‘em anyway” attitude? Drink up! Face financial ruin … Continue reading

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Sydneysider: Adriano Rosselli

Sydneysiderblog has lost its virginity. Interview virginity, that is, so keep your hat on. However, you are welcome to feel a bit … antsy. It was a summery Friday night. A gentle breeze was blowing, the wine was flowing … … Continue reading

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