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There is an intense debate in Australian society about where the ANZAC sits in our national memory; the way in which it is remembered. All things aside, we must commemorate it for what it was: a tragedy. Sydneysiders are rarely so solemn, so sober. … Continue reading

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Orthodox Christians: Can you keep up?

What would Sydney be without its Orthodox Christians? The spiritual scene would be far more boring. Aside from the Orthodox Christians’ massive religious contribution, we’d lose the churches, which are stunning and sometimes with onion domes (the onion can be such an Orthodox calling … Continue reading

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A humble Sydneysider: Prince Michael Andreevich of Russia

In 2008, Saint James Church in Sydney’s CBD had a visiting choir from Russia (the Danilov Monastery Choir of Moscow). On the night of their performance, there were a lot of people in the crowd. One man around eighty years of age sat down … Continue reading

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Sydney women and Mr. Darcy

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The Ivy: Trying Hard

OMG, waiting in the line sucks! Where’s Loz? She said she’d be here. I think my feet just died, too many blisters. Maybe there’s enough time to apply another band-aid … hey there are some hotties here tonight! Ahhh high heels … ‘no pain, no gain’ – Coco Chanel said that. Soz I’m such a fashion-addict!

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Star City: follow the White Rabbit

I swear some Sydneysiders live in Star City. The other day I went to see them. Spending money is not the issue here; the LIVES of these people are spent on machines. It’s curious to know how this tribe comes to be here. It goes … Continue reading

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Another reason why Sydney kind of sucks

The Royal Exchange Building was one of the architectural gems in Sydney’s CBD. It was located on the corner of Pitt and Bridge Street. It was four stories high, constructed from selected sandstone in the classic Corinthian order with the Goddess of Wisdom … Continue reading

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Sydney and the German touch: The Audi Festival of German Films

Lüneburger bakeries, Deutsche Bank, Lowenbräu, sexy BMWs … Sydney likes the German touch. And it needs more; any time, any where, any place. ‘I don’t love the way Sydney conducts it’s traffic: cars cars cars, rush rush rush,’ Klaus Krischok, … Continue reading

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Ezekiel Morgan: The Dark Horse

Ezekiel Morgan, boy did I misjudge him! He’s quite charming; a blond-hair, blue-eyed artist. I thought ‘gee, he looks like a great guy’. But I wondered if that would all change with a bit of free wine. Red and white was on … Continue reading

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Happy April Fools, practise lying!

The screams, 8am, Town Hall, CBD Sydney Here are my friends. Well, not close friends … just acquaintances. Well, actually, I didn’t speak to them … we were just chillaxin’ on the same street around Town Hall. Pretty cool cats. So … Continue reading

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