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Refreshing perspectives on poison: Camden Chan

  With the release of Camden’s new video, Too Pretty For Punk (see below), I asked Camden Chan this week if he ever considers poisoning people. ‘The list of people is endless, family included,’ he responded. Camden Chan and I … Continue reading

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Guerilla stickers invade CityRail does not condone the activity of vandalism. But smirks at these stickers that are starting to appear on CityRail trains, which seem to have been inspired by the Guerilla Sticker movement on the London Tube.   Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2012

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Sydneysider: Margaret Olley

‘He did ask me to pose naked, and I thought “will I or won’t I?” and I thought … no.’ What kind of octogenarian Sydneysider says that so casually? Marvellous Margaret Olley. She had just been talking about Ben Quilty, … Continue reading

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Front Yards

Sydneysiders, for at least some juicy part of their lives, are bored in the suburbs. This article, not to mention this whole blog, is probably proof of that (I really do hope this blog offers some sort of proof; to … Continue reading

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How to become a GPS boy

[GPS - the'Great Public Schools' of Sydney, are a bunch of elite private schools for boys] The ski team – a hallmark of an elite school [NB: IN AUSTRALIA] Would you really say your high school education is worth less … Continue reading

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Sydneysider: Jess Scully

    The ravishing Jess Scully on a Tuesday morning. Vladimir greedily took a photo (because I forced him to. Thanks, comrade) About: Jess Scully is a spunky Sydneysider. However, this year she is also an ambassador for the Sydney Open, which is … Continue reading

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