Camden is a new Sydney band not to be outdone by flip flops and v-necked t-shirts. In fact, they’re a very swish bunch, often found arguing over who gets to wear which clothes and with a penchant for mother’s socks. In some ways, the antithesis of the average Sydneysider, sharing a common hatred of “the easy going and laid back nature” of Sydney and its reliance on beach culture. They also hate “transport” and “bogans”, but we all hate those … either overtly or subconsciously (or else you’re in denial/a Kath & Kim fan like moie).

01 Students Mix 2


The drummer is from a heavy metal background, the bassist played folk music, the guitarist lives for jazz and Camden Chan, the singer, has a peanut allergy.

As an Australian of Chinese heritage myself, I was pleased to see an Australian of Chinese heritage front a cooler style of band. So often, young Chinese Australians are more often subjected to the vicious cycle of AMEB/Suzuki exams than a music mix of guitars, detachment, dance beats and pop-poetry.

When asked why Chinese-Australian children are more often subjected to classical music than other forms, Chan replied:

“to break into the establishment of wealth and society within Australia, it takes more than a mathematically brilliant child, or a child who can play ping pong like an old master. It requires a young child wearing their school uniform (or something kitsch), playing Brahms like an old hand, or an old egg.”

So break in with Brahms! While you still can

Camden will be at the Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar for the 8th, 15th and 22nd of October, 2011 (i.e. not eternally).

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