Sydneysider Vladimir in many ways reminds me of my asian dad – needless to say, he is a photographer. He has a keen eye (keen as a blackbird among twenty snowy mountains) for any photo opportunity. The good news is that, where my dad was looking for the ‘kodak moment’ i.e. ‘Smile! Smile for China!’, Vladimir often takes one by surprise, wanting photos in the most obscure moments. Like when peeking a lens into the private kitchen/bathroom of a womens’ house in Marrakesh, which involved much shouting and running away. After all, what is creativity, if not involving the sensual Moroccan touch? It’s like the chicken or the egg … which came first?

Then again, I’m not so sure if it is so much about obscure moments or obscure places. I guess you know your friend is crackers about photography when they start saying things like ‘now we need to go to those sand dunes out the back of Newcastle,’ or ’No, I must find the last puddles before they vanish,’ or even ‘go in the park, get your shirt off and just push through the leaves’.

I won’t try and explain what Vladimir likes to photograph or his style. Nor shall I try to explain ‘creative juices’ – you’re either juicy, or dry (and we all know what that means). But I shall say that he is a very worthwhile photographer and I hope he pursues his work. You may have heard me sing Vladimir’s praises for saving sydneysiderblog.com from Google Images (mind, it’s difficult to resist that sultry search engine). I thank him greatly for his contributions to this site too.

But the real point/nipple of this article, like most creative things, is to tell you/sell you something/SEX:

Vladimir is exhibiting at Mils Gallery a photo-novel, Anti-Terra, from this Fri. 27th of April – the 27th of May. Please helicopter yourself in (NB: users of other transport, don’t even think about it, you will be denied entry) on Friday from 6pm, or visit any time.

Gallery Website

15 Randle St, Surry Hills, Sydney

Gallery Hours
The gallery will be wide open from 12pm -4pm Wednesday to Sunday or by a randy appointment.

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  1. Stuart says:

    I just love this Photo Harry. Nothing to do with a Bingle is it. She is in a pose that is a cross between Yoga and Nei Gong!

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