Departing NSW Minister for roads warns of extremism … in Newtown


My name is Duncan Gay and for the past six years I have served as the NSW Minister for Roads … and I have a grave warning.

I am off to retirement, thanks to that ball breaking cunning-as-a-dunny-rat Gladys Berejiklian – love, as I’ve said,¬†building roads is not the same as buying a handbag!

I have achieved great things for many residents in Sydney, Westconnex being a cracker that everyone adores. But in the inner west, shrouded behind the chattering classes, lurks a great challenge that could undo all my work. Like Molenbeek in Brussels, Newtown is becoming the breeding ground of radicalisation, a recruitment centre for an ideology that opposes our way of life.

Cyclists are wreaking chaos on Sydney’s roads and communities. Often they form radical groups that deliberately lurk into the blind spots of our four wheel drives. They incite chaos with unsightly bulges in coordinated lycra. Others are lone wolves, riding off grid – onto the footpath. Such reckless behaviour on Sydney’s roads, that endangers not only their lives but those of others, can only be understood as a desire for the glory of martyrdom.

In the past, a minority of Australians had been involved in this hideous road fundamentalism. This minority had most likely engaged in the illicit activity of road cycling overseas, in places like the Netherlands, their brains addled by marijuana and extreme ideologies. But the scary fact is that many of those who are complicit in this road extremism are in fact radicalised here in New South Wales, presenting a new ‘homegrown’ threat.

This is all happening while that Jenny Leong, member for the Greens in Newtown, tries to distort the reality and pretend there’s nothing wrong or suspicious happening on her watch. In fact, I bet she’s sitting in a cafe, sipping a lezzo latte as I speak. Did she ever wonder¬†how the grease trap in that coffee lounge actually gets removed? By truck, darling. By a big filthy honking truck that will smash your pretty little bike with streamers and a basket in one second, and smash your weird murals and coffees and every last hotbed of hipsters until there is just one, smooth and peaceful … Westconnex toll road …



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