Strip Club Semantics: Kings Cross

Kings Cross has always had a dirty reputation. When I was a kid (sounding old now, but I’m young), it was like a forbidden fruit in a fruitbowl of city. But forbidden went out the window (adolescence) and Kings Cross has either improved, or was never that bad.
In any case, the Cross is still full of sex “nightspots”. Regardless of views on these establishments, it’s worth looking at their names. Sleazy but funny:

When in the den, your inner animal comes out

You have to enter to get to “Bada Boom”

“You be Cleopatra, I’ll be Julius.”

The curtain … always gets me feeling racy

Above a doorway of a house … the only information provided

Not a ‘night spot’, but the name still got me feeling crazy inside …

Who is Porky? I hope Porky is not giving the live show (who would want a Porky Live Show?) rather, that he/she/it possesses the live show …

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