Why are university lectures so boring?

Why are university lectures so boring? The first lecture is boring, the second lecture is boring, so I assume that all lectures in all courses in Sydney are boring. Maybe it’s not logical. But is it logical to keep going?

Lectures can be interesting; haha LOL jks, no they can’t! 

The good lecturer is a species facing extinction. Gone are the lectures that are prepared to share something new. Now, most lectures are just a reiteration of the notes at home/online (i.e. why come at all?). Rare are those lecturers who bring in bags of lollies, giving us something gummy and tangible. Even rarer are those lecturers who will come out (figuratively or literally) wearing a feather headress and shimmying ’til we forget the topic. When these lecturers appear, we think it’s a miracle and that the messiah has come [again, if you like]. But how long until they are poached by some other institution? I wonder if they’ll survive here … well, I don’t have time for these questions, leave me alone! I’m plotting how to get into their tutorial!

The normal lecture (WARNING, boring):

The guy stands up to talk. “The process of stylisation in Forgacs’ piece is underpinned by a need to …” Lost at underpinned. His eyebrows are very bouncy. Note: “Week 3: Forgacs”. I cross my legs and then cross them the other way. Someone in my row just crossed their legs. Forgacs, Forgacs … are other people in the row crossing their legs? I wonder … no, don’t be silly … what if we just get up right now and slowly start a Broadway can can?? Wouldn’t that be crazy! But someone would bail, so we won’t. Who would be the courageous one that shouts “give ‘em the old razzle dazzle”? hmm … I don’t know. The girl two seats down looks like a leader; she has big shoulders.

I fiddle with the armrest table, taking it out and then stowing it with surprising zeal. The guy next to me just moved his elbow; he’s probably irritated, so I better leave my table up ”… and this is where Forgacs is really clever; when he starts including elements of neorealism, which you all remember from the previous subject …” no, because it was boring. I see some people come in late and wish I was late too. Suddenly, the sound of drilling engulfs the room. There must be construction going on somewhere. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that our university had a resident dentist” a few people laugh reluctantly, feeling sad. Poor guy. At least there’s this powerpoint presentation I can follow, but I can’t understand the dot points until he explains them, which I’m not going to hang around for. A few people raise their hands and make some points. I just hope that Maggie, the mature age student, doesn’t give us her two cents worth. When Maggie listens, she looks like a dugong. Here we go ’round the prickly pear, prickly pear, prickly pear. What are we talking about? Why am I here? Why am I feeling existential?

p.s. endless tips on what to do: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=7662233091

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