Pad Thai, Sydney loves you

When did Pad Thai become part of the Sydney diet?  It is the staple food of young people, like bread would have been in 18th century France. What would happen if the price of Pad Thai tripled? Would there be an uproar (or would we all just go for the Pad See Eew)? Would anyone march on Canberra (because it looks just like Versailles)? Would a guillotine say bonjour?

Politicians, do you want the trust of Sydney’s youth? Take some photos of yourselves digging in to this dish. Invite some press, but don’t let them have a bite, because it’s your time to shine.

Young Sydneysiders see Pad Thai regularly. If you love it ardently or hate it (don’t care if allergic to peanuts, you’re in denial), it’s still always there. “Pad Thai actually … is all around” (Hugh Grant voice). Yet it is one of Thailand’s national dishes after the country wanted to economise on rice consumption and encouraged the populous to make noodles. Also very Thai because it has ’Thai’ in the name … and at that point I thought that everything was out on the table. But it turns out that Pad Thai came from Vietnamese traders years before. Basically, Pad Thai is a player; a player of love games. How did we end up in this love triangle? This vicious ménage à trois?? Pad Thai, you sly old dog … who are you?

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