Ezekiel Morgan: The Dark Horse

Ezekiel Morgan, boy did I misjudge him!

He’s quite charming; a blond-hair, blue-eyed artist.

I thought ‘gee, he looks like a great guy’. But I wondered if that would all change with a bit of free wine. Red and white was on offer at Mils Gallery, where he is showing his work. Then I noticed he wasn’t drinking any wine; he was happy enough greeting all his guests with his wondrous smile.

I just wondered, what kind of car does he drive? He looked like the type that would drive a nice little good car. So after the gallery opening, I followed him out into the street and sure enough was a little compact BMW CG3X (one of the good ones).

The problem with guys like these is that you never know if they just spend all their money on their car and actually live in a shack.

But he had a beautiful terrace house in Darling Point (followed him home just to check). I barely managed to get over the fence …

The garden was really nice; Jane Austen roses were in bloom and the kikuyu lawn was really soft; he must really look after it. And after a couple of hours, I noticed he left again. I thought it could be shabby inside, but was stunning (just jimmied my way in); he had a beautiful collection of paintings and it was so tidy! The dishwasher was empty and there wasn’t even any mess under the beds … and I tried some of his clothes on and they were really clean. It all seemed too good to be true …

He is really sensitive to art in the world around him. At least, that’s what his friend Portia told me on the phone when she called. Lovely girl. But she told me that Ezekiel had pinched some of the things he used in his artworks – he had taken them off abandoned properties in the city without solliciting real permission. I hung up and got myself out of there, like a G6. Dangerous. You think you know somebody …

Hahah, no, that didn’t happen … yeah, yeah it did. No, not really …

But what is true is that Zeke did sort of pinch some flaps (as in the type that protects a store/building entry from the elements) off a property in Alexandria. Even if he assured me that the property did actually look better without them. They are amazing as artworks though (on display until the 10th of April); one friend was convinced that the colours that had naturally formed on the big blue flap had been painted on and insisted on using her nose to reveal the truth (jury is still out on that one).

‘I guess it’s kind of born from the idea that I’m just a bit sick of contemporary art that uses theory as a starting point … [my art] kind of suggests the sensitivity that an artist should be awake to,’ Zeke told me.

After living in London for three years, Zeke wishes that Sydney had a colder winter. ‘I’d like a colder winter because we get a hotter summer.’

When asked about what he did with his winter coat, he said ‘It’s with somebody else. They need it more than me.’ Nice?

Hmmm. Beware Zeke; a sweet dark horse. If you are in possession of  a flap, keep it secret – keep it safe. Everybody looks nice and normal these days …

Mils Gallery


15 Randle st surry hills
Sydney NSW 2010, Australie
0423 237 663

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