Sydney and the German touch: The Audi Festival of German Films

Lüneburger bakeries, Deutsche Bank, Lowenbräu, sexy BMWs … Sydney likes the German touch. And it needs more; any time, any where, any place.

‘I don’t love the way Sydney conducts it’s traffic: cars cars cars, rush rush rush,’ Klaus Krischok, a German Sydneysider, told me.

I’m sure Klaus could work wonders organising Sydney’s traffic, especially with such a name (who wouldn’t want a Klaus to solve their traffic?). But Germans are as sensitive as they are supposedly orderly. For instance, Klaus is more into Sydney Rock Oysters than traffic (thankfully) and is more into culture than simply making things run well. He is the director of the Goethe Institut and spends his time sexing up Sydney with German culture. This week begins the Audi Festival of German Film (6 – 18 of April for Sydney), which this year celebrates its tenth year and is the largest German film festival in the world outside Germany. If German cinema is unfamiliar to you, it’s not just a kinky raunchfest on late night SBS (love the raunch though, vielen Dank, SBS!). The films of the festival, as Klaus explains, contain: ‘political elements, historical elements and something that may be a little experimental … I think Australians aren’t just interested in entertaining things such as Julia Roberts getting married.’

Sensitive,  aesthetically on-the-ball and probably better organised … the Germans have the package. Confess, get it off your chest; German things are hot (even if OnePoll research concludes that they are the worst lovers). And Sydney is getting hot by association (at least, that’s what I’m planning).

The Audi Festival of German Film

6 – 18th of April, 2011

Goethe Institut

90 Ocean Street
Woollahra NSW 2025, Australie
(02) 8356 8366

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