Another reason why Sydney kind of sucks

The Royal Exchange Building was one of the architectural gems in Sydney’s CBD. It was located on the corner of Pitt and Bridge Street. It was four stories high, constructed from selected sandstone in the classic Corinthian order with the Goddess of Wisdom looking down from the pediment. Here is a photo of it back in old Sydney:

But that building was demolished in 1967 for what stands at N° 56 Bridge Street today:

Maybe it’s not the biggest tragedy in the world, or the biggest tragedy in Sydney … we have a lot of things to be worried about. But it is a tragedy nonetheless; it shows how what is precious to Sydney has so often been thrown in the bin for the sake of modernity, corrupt governments and greedy developers. And what has changed?

The Goddess of Wisdom is the only skerrick that remains from the old building (because she always remains … probably wise enough to do a deal with the developers). She looks down on us, probably thinking that we’re still a bunch of idiots.

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