Star City: follow the White Rabbit

I swear some Sydneysiders live in Star City. The other day I went to see them. Spending money is not the issue here; the LIVES of these people are spent on machines. It’s curious to know how this tribe comes to be here. It goes a little something like this:

Step 1. Star City finds vulnerable people. These are people that feel like they don’t fit into the world … that feel they’re asking a lot of questions about their existence, about this police state in which we live, about the system … Star City contacts them to tell them that they are in the Matrix, and that they are being watched. Curious, these people want to hear more. Star City tells them to follow the white rabbit (à la Matrix). 

Except, instead of being taken to some grungy S&M style underground party, they are led to Star City.

Step 2. When these people arrive at Star City and Morpheus isn’t available for a meet and greet, they are disappointed and try to politely leave. But it is near-impossible to exit the Casino (when I went the other day, I was told that the exit was via a lift, through some doors, behind a bar, about 400 metres from the entry … ?). So they can’t escape. But Star City offers them the chance to obtain Oriental Treasures:

 Or Jungle Adventures:

So the Oriental/Jungle Treasure Hunt begins. And that is how Star City creates it’s Oriental Treasure Hunt Matrix (it’s fake: they never win anything). And that’s why these people live in the casino. And this is how the State Government makes it’s money.

Ok, maybe it’s more a case of gradual addiction, and maybe Star City pays for a bus and doesn’t tell people they are in the Matrix. But … are you going to follow the rabbit down the hole?

P.S. Was confused to find that the word ‘pokies’ has some relation to pointy nipples (fyi).

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