If you would like to submit something to, be aware that you would become engaged in a highly selective process. We are picky, like the bowerbird:

And like the bowerbird, only accepts blue things of finery. Ever. is basically the BMW of blogs (cough). We (cough) hand-pick only the ripest submissions from a cornucopia of articles(cough cough), begging (cough, choking) for exposure (dead)
The submission deadline is really tight. Basically, it closes before you can submit anything…

Nah! Anything and everything about Sydneysiders. If you’ve got something up your sleeve (or your panties), send an email to the following address:, with an explanation of what you’d like to submit, and a Contributor’s Guide will be sent to you, like a zyrtec.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention, you can also submit MONEY; Moolah, dosh, coin, the benjamins! But if you don’t it’s ok – the best things in life are for free anyway … right? RIGHT? wrong.

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