“Hello possums, and friends”

This blog is about Sydneysiders (I’m already craving a tangent).

Often it’s easier to define things by what they’re not. I’m not going to tell anyone that Sydney is so stunners, we have beautiful beaches and, well, gorgeous Gordon’s Bay who can deny … and I still have this great little placeĀ on Crown Street up my sleeve, follow me, let’s go!

Not my spiel today (love a good spiel though … especially of a more tantalisingly German inclination)

It is true that a Sydneysider can be distinctive, in the same way that a male platypus has a poisonous spur and is not afraid to use it. That’s not to say that Sydneysiders are in any way homogenous: there are different social behaviours, demographics, spunk-rat fashions, etc. Some Sydneysiders like Melbourne, or have a foot fetish. And let’s face it, that’s just the tip of that promiscuous iceberg.

But that’s cool right? I guess it’s our differences that unite us, you know? Love and light x

I really hope that this blog can show you the unexplored/overexplored nooks and crannies of Sydneysiders. After all, sydneysiderblog.com has unprecedented access to those – it’s true what they say, the Internet’s a creepy place! And that strangers have the best candy.

I try to post on Mondays and Thursdays. By telling y’all this, it might give me some resolve to get with it (ie get my grab bag and flee)

On that note I’ll finish with a quote:

“prose before hoes” Kylie Minogue



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