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  1. Cyn says:

    Hey there (chicken!),

    Lovely to stumble upon this blog via Mark Pesce on Twitter – great work on the blog, it’s a very “Syd” vibe and layout and I your contents clear and cool – brilliant. So, Lick Her Shops closing? What a bummer indeed. That place should be heritage listed! ;)

    I’m the Creative Director of the Australian Film Festival – and thought I’d drop a line, say hello, and make you aware of all that’s happening with the Festival too. We’ve got a great lineup of feature film, short film festival, the Australian Film Walk of Fame, workshops, discussions with Directors (Kriv Stenders from Red Dog, Gillian Armstrong, the lot), street festivals and cinema by the sea at Clovelly. Lots of fun!

    It’s all on

    I’m not sure if you’d like to write up on it or not, but it’s starting next week and I just wanted to let you know. It’s all Aussie production celebrating lots of Sydney talent.



  2. harryrenwick says:

    Danke schön für die supportive words and highlighting this fantastic festival! Shall definitely go and see a film or two, looks great, congratulations. Any reccomendations? Quite keen bean.
    Hope you are well, Harry.
    PS yes, the Lick Her Shop has changed its name. And it’s such a shame because now, nobody licks anybody

  3. Sophie says:

    Hi Harry! It seems I can’t comment on individual articles. So this is a message to say I like all of your articles. You’re very funny! I have the Church in the Wildwood music now and I will give you a copy to add to your sheet music collection. I look forward to chicken, artichokes and many many cakes next weekend. x Sophie

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