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Bondi / 2026

(Interviewer: H. Renwick, Photos: V. Kravchenko) Locally and internationally, Bondi is recognised as one of Sydney’s most iconic suburbs. Its culture has undoubtedly been greatly enriched by the presence of immigrants and tourists. Swedish nationals, Ella Ullmann and Maja Bergström, are … Continue reading

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Wigs in Sydney’s courts: a trend or a classic?

Legal attire of a Silk. Photo courtesy of Vladimir Kravchenko, who has saved me from Google images. Nice change, no? Apparently, I have some sort of wig fetish. Legal wigs in particular. It all began with a foreigner pointing out to … Continue reading

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Star City: in need of a new myth

“The Star” - ‘Sydney’s newest collection of hotels, restaurants, bars and gaming’ – is Star City trying to give itself a new image. Because these days, it’s all about exclusivity. We don’t want a Star City. We want the place to be, … Continue reading

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Orthodox Christians: Can you keep up?

What would Sydney be without its Orthodox Christians? The spiritual scene would be far more boring. Aside from the Orthodox Christians’ massive religious contribution, we’d lose the churches, which are stunning and sometimes with onion domes (the onion can be such an Orthodox calling … Continue reading

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